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Welcome to illumineris - World Leader in Smart Building Technology

We live in a time where progressive energy solutions are no longer a fad - they are a must.  What’s the cleanest way to maximize our energy supply? Simply USING LESS - leveraging the technology of today to show us every possible opportunity for efficiency and energy optimization. What most companies don’t realize is that operating more efficiently isn’t just good for the planet - it’s good for the bottom line.

Our process is simple - we start by conducting a preliminary engineering study to measure and meter your energy consumption in a number of key areas. We then take the data, tabulate a full project life-cycle analysis for you, and show you every way you could be saving energy - and saving MONEY - starting today. We can then assist in prioritizing the various projects, to help you maximize your savings and ROI.

Why Work With Us?

How important is it for you to get it right the first time?

Experience, Expertise, and Guidance. Illumineris.

Experience, Expertise, and Guidance. illumineris is a world-leader in Energy Optimization and Smart Building Technologies. Our team of experienced professionals have the experience and expertise to make sure you get the right data, that you consider all possible solutions, and then provide guidance to make the best decisions for your company to maximize your energy optimization and your ROI.

Energy Savings | Illumineris

On average we save our clients 35% or more on their energy usage, right out of the gate. We’ve worked with companies large and small and everything in between. With a customized approach, we tailor everything we do to your company’s priorities and the unique setup of your building and business. We are your strategic partner for building smarter buildings, and adding dollars to your bottom line. 

We’re all about ROI.

Once we have collected the necessary data, our team will compile a full life-cycle analysis for each of the various areas for potential energy optimization. This will include the cost breakdown for implementation of the various technologies, the cost implications of waiting, timeline for ROI, and the bottom line savings long-term. We’ll also make our recommendations for best courses of action, in light of your companies unique needs and priorities. It’s that simple.

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